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The length of hospital stay of Home Health Care patients at King Khalid National Guard Hospital, Jeddah, 1999.

Evaluation of Patients with Hypertension in the light of the JNC 7 Report: Use of Combination and Individualized Therapy is Unsatisfactory

Diagnosis and Management of Dementia

Middle East Journal of Family Medicine (MEJFM)

Urogenital atrophy in climacteric women: Menopause or Geripause?

Is voiding cystourethrogram necessary in Febrile Infant with normal renal ultrasound?

Middle-East Academy for Medicine of Ageing,
third session of the first course

Anti-Smoking News

Family physician national convention in Bangalore, January 2005

International Women's Day Celebration in Pakistan



Dr Abdulrazak Abyad
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Middle East Journal of Family Medicine (MEJFM)

The MEJFM was launched in July 2003 and has quickly grown to be the leading family medicine journal of the region. The MEJFM publishes research and clinical articles of particular interest to doctors of the Middle East, and their patients.

Editorial submissions are reviewed by the Chief Editor, Dr Abdulrazak Abyad and the extensive Editorial Board, is drawn from Departments of Family and/or Community Medicine and Ministries of Health from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malta, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. It is the support of the Board, and their peers that has led to the early success and acceptance of the journal.

Initially published online, the MEJFM now provides pdf versions of articles for those Middle East countries that would prefer this format, and if there is sufficient interest the entire journal can be made available in pdf format.

'Hits' on the online journal have been consistently high, indicating that the content is meeting the needs of doctors of the region and also shows that there is a high computer usage among medical professionals in the Middle East.

To maintain the focus on quality care, extensive education sections are a feature of the MEJFM. A range of services are also provided, such as a notice board for free use by Middle East doctors, and an MEJFM browser which can be downloaded and customised. Additionally, the online daily news and journal watch services of Wonca, World Organisation of Family Doctors are 'embedded, in the MEJFM for easy access.

The Middle East Primary Care Research Network (MEPCRN) was set up to assist in the development of research and consequent academic publications.

The journal would not be a success without the authors and reviewers and it is the quality of the articles and their academic focus that keeps the MEJFM relevant to the needs of the populations of the Middle East.

For more details on the journal contact:
Chief Editor, Dr Abdulrazak Abyad: aabyad@cyberia,net.lb or,
Publisher, Lesley Pocock: lesleypocock@globalfamilydoctor.com