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Anti-smoking news from Middle East

Smokers upset as ban takes effect

Visitors to shopping mall in Dubai will have a smoke-free environment now, as Dubai Municipality’s ban on smoking in such centers come into force to-day. The move, while it may have made breathing easy for non-smokers, has upset many smokers who look it as a restriction on their freedom. When Khaleej Times spoke to members of Dubai’s multi cultural Society, it came as no surprise that non-smokers welcomed the initiative, and smokers expressed reservation about the short period they were given to be mentally prepared. Smokers also expressed apprehension at the likely changes in the regulation in coming, which they are sure will further tighten the noose around the habit of smoking at public places.


By Zigham Ali Mirza and Perna Sur
Khaleej Times, Dubai (UAE), October 15,2004
COURTESY: DR KULLO, Lahore, Pakistan

Anti-smoking news from Britain

Liverpool first city to ban smoking
Move affects all work places including restaurants.

The northern English port of Liverpool has voted to become the first city in Britain to follow New York's example by banning smoking in work place. While health officials in London are still debating whether to impose a national ban. Liverpool local politicians voted 57-7 to snuff out smoking in restaurants, bars, pubs and offices. "The health of the people of Liverpool cannot wait until the government finally decides what action it takes" a city council spokesman said yesterday. Liverpool's move added it to growing number of cities, states and countries that have imposed sweeping curbs on workplace smoking. British scientists were the first to document the health risk of smoking, which is the leading cause of lung cancer and raises the risk of other diseases


- Reuters, London

Anti-smoking news from Pakistan

Bill soon to ban sale of tobacco near schools

Karachi (Pakistan) Nov 20:
The Sindh Education and literacy Minister, Dr Hamida Khuro, on Saturday said that a bill would soon be introduced in the provincial assembly for a ban on sale of cigarettes, betel leaves, betel nuts and gutka within one KM of all schools and colleges.

She announced this at a ceremony organized by an NGO, HANDS, on the eve of World Children Day held at the PMA House Karachi PPI


- The Daily Dawn, Lahore, November 21, 2004
Courtesy: Dr G M Kullo, Lahore