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MEAMA Second Course First Announcement 2006-2007

The second course of the MEAMA that consists of four sessions of four days each will start in April 2006 and will continue in Nov 2006. The third session and the fourth sessions will be in April and Nov 2007.

This intensive study course composed of four sessions is directed towards physicians, nurses, social workers , and health care officers, responsible for the health care of older people. In addition to faculty members of medical, nursing, social and physiotherapy schools interested in developing the field of geriatrics and gerontology.


The course can also be attended by junior potential academic staff working in other fields (internal medicine, sub-specialities, biology) involving the ageing process and care of elderly people.

The complete programme aims to increase scientific, clinical, educational and managerial competences in medical gerontology. A certificate will be issued by the Group of Executive Board of the MEAMA after successfully concluding the four sessions.

Scientific Programme outlines / Session dates and topics will be announced later