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The survey of effective factors on different practical failure methods of family planning in women referred to health centers

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Curriculum Vitae - Ahmed S. Al-Mandhari


Personal Data

Name: Ahmed S. Al-Mandhari
Age: 36
Marital Status: married
Position: Senior Registrar at FAMCO Dep., Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
Address: Family and Community Medicine Department, College of Medicine, Sultan Qaboos University, P.O.Box: 38 P.C: 123, Alkhoud, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
E-mail: manar96@yahoo.com
Mobile Tel: +968 99234951


  1. 2003: MRCGP (International); Postdoctoral. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Tropical Medicine department.
  2. 2002: PhD (University of Liverpool).
  3. 1996: DTMH (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine).
  4. 1993: MD (SQU).


  1. 1994-1998: Worked as a senior house officer in all the departments that were included in the FAMCO residency.
  2. 1998-2003: Registrar at FAMCO department, SQUH.
  3. 2003: Senior Registrar at FAMCO department, SQUH.

Oral presentations

I have made several presentations at different places of various topics. Below is an example of the presentations I have made:

  1. 2004: Presentation at Ibri regional hospital (in Arabic) for the medical orderlies, nurses and administrative personnel. 28/4/2004. Quality of health care: one term and different definitions.
  2. 2004: Presentation for the CME session at the FAMCO department, 23/3/2004. Quality of health care (session 1): one term and different definitions.
  3. 2004: Presentation at Muscat Health Institute. Muscat Health Festival, 29/2/2004. Why don't physicians follow clinical guidelines? Framework for improvement.


  1. WONCA Europe. Quality in Practice: 1-4/6/2004, Amsterdam.
  2. Third Cardiovascular symposium- 1-4 December 1997.
  3. Child Health Conference- March 1996.
  4. Second GCC Primary Health Care Conference- March 1995
  5. Symposium of chest disease- Royal Hospital (November 1994).


Family Practice (international):
Association between perceived health status and satisfaction with quality of care: evidence from users of primary health care in Oman. Family Practice. 2004; Vol 21 (5): 519-527.
Oman Medical Journal

Quality assessment and assurance of health care services: fundamental need. Oman Medical Journal; 2004 April; Vol. 19 (2): 3-5.
International Journal for Quality of Health

Association between the perceived health status of primary health care (PHC) users and their satisfaction with the quality of health care: evidence from community respondents in Oman. Accepted for publication and still under editing.
In addition, I have written several articles in the official local newspaper related to various issues such as globalisation and health of the individual and community, and health care quality.


I have attended and arranged several workshops at national and international levels. For example I recently attended a workshop on Academic Advising for Students in the COM&HS arranged by Sultan Qaboos University; 2/1/2005 and workshop on competency Based Training (CBT) arranged by SQUH; 1/12/2004.


  1. Community perception of medical errors (submitted to ISQUA Conference)
  2. Doctors' perception about clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Other international activities

Reviewer for the BMJ 2003.