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Radiofrequency surgery - offering a novel approach to ano-rectal diseases


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Anti-smoking news from Pakistan:
Onco 2004 concludes successfully - Smoking a major risk factor in cancer epidemiology. Smoking ban to be implemented forcefully by the government

Nasir Khan

THE MEDICAL HERALD, Lahore, Pakistan) January 1 to 14,2005

Rawalpindi (Pakistan) -
The government would forcefully implement the ban on smoking from January next, said the Federal Minister for Health, Nasir Ahmad Khan.

Speaking at the inaugural session of "ONCO 2004" the 11th annual cancer conference, he said "we would put in lot of energy to efficiently implement the ban".

Smoking is rated as one of the major risk factors of cancer and doctors suggest non-smoking as possible way for avoiding the risk of cancer

The minister, while describing the planned course of action, said a coordinated effort would be launched along with the provincial government to stop smoking in public places, offices, buildings and transport.

"We will certainly give it a try and hope for the best", he added when asked to comment on the chances of success for such a drive.