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Job Satisfaction of Primary Health Care Physicians at Capital Health Region, Kuwait

Patient Expectation of GP care

Patients' Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Services at Capital Health Region, Kuwait

Prevalence of intestinal parasites among expatriate workers in Al-Khobar, SA

Update on therapy for acute and chronic heart failure for family physicians

Ethyl Malonic Aciduria Encephalopathy
with Respiratory Failure &
Nephrotic Syndrome
Rare Presentation.

Burnout among High School Teachers in Turkey

Integration of Cervical Smear Screening with Family Planning Services in Turkey

Middle East Academy for Medicine of Ageing

Paediatric Retinal Detachment - Is it a real clinical challenge?

CME Quiz - Childhood Emergencies


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The Middle East Journal of Family Medicine in hard copy


Dear friends and colleagues,

The Editor and Publishers of the MEJFM would like to express our appreciation of your support of the Middle East Journal of Family Medicine over the past two years.

We also thank our Board Members, reviewers and all who have contributed articles.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest in a hard copy version of the MEJFM, particularly, information on how many doctors in each country would take advantage of such a resource if we could make it available free of charge. As a paper version will be a much more costly approach than an e-journal, it will be vital to get good distribution numbers to attract potential advertisers or sponsors, to subsidise the costs of printing and distribution.

Alternatively, we could keep the journal free of commercial messages, in which case we would need to charge for the costs involved in the distribution of the journal or find a 'suitable national supporter' to do the same.

In future issues we will provide a full pdf of each edition of the journal, which can be used by Middle East nations to print copies for their own purposes.

We would value your comments on these matters. We ask national representative organisations to respond by advising how many doctors would like to receive the MEJFM in print, and to advise if they could make mailing lists available. Please also advise if you are interested in printing national editions from the pdfs.

Contact lesleypocock@mediworld.com.au for more details.

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